Strategy Roadmap

Grow your business by aligning your goals with an effective Digital Marketing Roadmap.

Your website, social media, and online presence should be delivering more for your business…beyond just the minimal level of acceptance and without throwing money into the never-ending abyss of internet ads and content.

Consider a Second Click Strategy!

It is the process of what happens between a client’s first impression to the point of sale or engagement.

Second Click Media Web Design Agency Owner Erin Jenkins
Website Designer in Holly Springs NC

Hi, I'm Erin Jenkins

Hi, my name is Erin Jenkins, the owner of Second Click Media, and after working in marketing for some time, I have learned one foundational truth…

...We can’t be sure we hit the target if we don’t know what we are aiming at! 

Introducing the Digital Marketing Roadmap

Our comprehensive, individualized workshop ensures your team is aligned, understands your audience, and engages them more effectively. We provide the tools for a successful rebrand, website build, and overall marketing strategy, based on your business goals and vision.

Think of it as a big-picture plan that outlines how you’re going to use digital platforms to reach your audience.

Let’s start working smarter, not harder.

What's Included:

Know where and how to start

With a Digital Marketing Roadmap, we identify your audience’s needs, your unique solution, and make sure we communicate the benefits clearly.

Spend a little time now to save yourself from wasting money on the wrong thing in the future. Grow your audience with individualized tactics that build trust and strengthen client relationships.

Brand Messaging Guide

Ensure your messaging connects with your ideal customer and builds trust from the customer's point of view so that you can better communicate the benefits of your offerings or services.

Customer Journey Framework

Properly guide visitors with each click, taking them from interest to engagement by understanding their interactions, motivations, and desires so that your website is doing what it should be.

6-Month Marketing Plan

A comprehensive strategy that outlines how a business will leverage online channels to achieve its marketing goals and objectives. This plan also includes tools and resource recommendations for executing your custom plan.

And More..

Learn what the next right step is for growing your brand, influence, and leads.

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