Blogging and Content Strategy

By creating valuable content that your target audience wants to read, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and build a community of loyal followers.

Second Click Media Blogging Service


Blogging is an excellent method to attract more visitors to your website and demonstrate your proficiency. By crafting insightful material that your intended audience craves to consume, you can establish yourself as a leading voice and form a group of devoted supporters.

Additionally, with each blog post, you can increase your chances of ranking for various keywords and displaying in search outcomes.

The most remarkable aspect of this is that blogging is a delightful and inventive way to share your enthusiasm while connecting with like-minded individuals in your field.

Increase Organic Traffic

Regularly publishing high-quality content can drive more traffic to your website as it provides value to your target audience and helps you rank higher on search engines like Google.

Share Your Expertise

Consistently creating and sharing content can help you establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry and increase awareness of your business.

Build Credibility & Conversions

Good content can help move your potential customers down the sales funnel by providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Organize Core Content

Create a framework and schedule for repurposing your core content across other digital platforms.

What's Included

Work smarter, not harder

Creating content is generally more cost-effective than other marketing methods like paid advertising, and can have a longer-lasting impact.

Goal Setting

Define what you want to achieve with your content, such as increasing website traffic, generating leads, or improving brand awareness.

Content Calendar

Develop a schedule for publishing content, and plan topics and formats in advance.

Blog Writing

Receive an outline and first draft for blog articles within your content calendar, written with basic SEO format and your unique brand tone.

Analyze and Reporting

Monitor and measure the success of your content strategy using metrics such as website traffic, engagement, leads generated, and conversions.

And More...
Impact more people by getting your knowledge out to the world

We are eager to support you in being able to develop deeper connections with your clients, increase your reach, and feel confident in the direction of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we believe in a well-rounded action plan, blog and content strategy are services only offered to clients utilizing one of our other many marketing services, such as website care or SEO.

During the onboarding process of working with us, we go through a short branding exercise to ensure we have the style, tone, feeling, and general perspective for your unique voice. Also, if you don’t already have one, we will also create a buyer persona to ensure we know who we are trying to reach.

Much of the content depends on your unique perspective and what your target customer is wanting or needing to read. Also, this is another reason we like to define your goals before we start, either based on a sales funnel, organic traffic, growing awareness, or create an outlet for your business to educate it’s customers.

Typically, writing 1-2 blog articles every month is the average practice.

For every quarter, we meet to discuss your content plan, goals, etc and research topics related to the current needs.

We will ask for references and resources related to those topics and develop an outline for your approval.

Once the first draft is written, you will be able to edit and tweak before publishing.

We have a variety of packages based on your current need and budget, ranging from $250-1200 a month.

Great! We are happy to adjust to what your needs are. If you are just wanting SEO, keyword research, and content planning done for you…we can adapt to what works best.

Of course! Once you schedule a discovery call with one of our team members, we would be happy to share with you some references and examples.

We think of your website blog as the foundation for your content. Take your blog article and turn it into a video, multiple Reels™, or a variety of LinkedIn articles. Our philosophy is create 1x and share or reuse it in many ways.

Typically, every 1-2 years, it is good practice to go through your blog posts and update any content that may be outdated. Search engines award fresh content and penalize posts with broken links or dated information. We can discuss how to decide what should go or stay with a content audit.


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