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Create opportunities for ongoing and consistent income by offering paid resources online. Let's work together to brainstorm some exciting new ideas that will help grow your revenue and expand your impact.

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Producing an online course can be an excellent way for you to expand your reach, build credibility, and generate additional revenue streams. By sharing expertise and knowledge through an online course, you can establish yourself as thought leader in your industry and attract a wider audience.

Start generating more passive income, reach a wider audience, and build your catalog of resources. We give you the tools to host, manage, and promote your course while also walking your through our process of organizing and preparing your content.

Impact More People

Reach a wider audience by making your knowledge and expertise accessible online

Build Your Authority

Create a catalog of webinars, mini-courses, certifications, and more with online video content, assessments, and education tools

Generate Passive Income

Let your expertise work more for you by offering online resources and create an additional revenue stream for your business

Online Course Management Services

What's Included

Utilize your expertise in a new way

By getting organized and using professionally crafted materials, you can enhance the overall quality of your course and increase its value to potential customers.

Video Hosting

One foundational home for your video content in a free or paid membership area with unlimited categories, products and courses.

Customer Management

Integrate with a custom CRM platform to house your email marketing, funnels, scheduling, and more...all in one place.

Supplemental Materials

Let us help you organize your content and create professionally looking worksheets, quizzes and eBooks to increase the value of your online course.

And More...
Combine your experience with a ready-made platform to grow your impact

We are eager to support you in being able to develop deeper connections with your clients, increase your reach, and feel confident in the direction of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining what content to include in your online course can be a daunting task, but there are several strategies you can use to make the process more manageable. Start by considering your target audience and what they’re most interested in learning. You can also conduct research on your competitors and identify gaps in the market that your course could fill. Additionally, think about your own expertise and experience, and what unique perspective or insights you can offer that others can’t.

Once you have a general idea of your course’s topic and scope, you can begin breaking down the material into specific modules or lessons, focusing on the most essential and relevant information for your audience. Remember to keep your course engaging and interactive, incorporating various multimedia elements and opportunities for student participation and feedback.

We find that starting with a webinar or mini-course is a great way to get a feel for the process and your audience. We also recommend having on your brand development tuned in and digital strategy well organized prior to starting out on building your course.

Creating high-quality video content for your online course doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to help you create engaging video content on a budget:

  1. Utilize free editing software: There are plenty of free or low-cost editing tools available online, such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Rush. These tools can help you edit and enhance your videos without the need for expensive software.

  2. Keep it simple: You don’t need to have fancy equipment or elaborate sets to produce great video content. Focus on delivering clear and concise information that your audience will find valuable, and keep the visuals clean and uncluttered.

  3. Incorporate multimedia: You can enhance your video content by incorporating other multimedia elements, such as images, graphics, and animations. These elements can help illustrate key points and keep your audience engaged.

  4. Leverage free resources: There are many websites that offer free or low-cost stock footage and music that you can use to enhance your videos. Just make sure to check the licensing requirements before using any materials.

Course engagement and completion stats increase when there are engaging elements and downloadable resources for users. Our platform will handle the framework for your assessments and quizzes, and our team will help you create graphically pleasing PDFs, worksheets, and eBooks that represent your brand and provide additional value to your course content.

We have customized a course platform software to meet the needs and goals of our regular clients while keeping in mind ease and usability. We utilize this framework for all our clients and will be happy to share information with you regarding the core development of the platform itself.

No! That is correct, you will not be charged additional for adding more courses or content in the future, including your number of members and admins.

No! That is correct you read that right! You will not be charged additional for adding more courses or content in the future, including your number of members and admins.

Off the bat we provide training resources for you and your team to manage the course yourself. However, if you would like additional ongoing maintenance services, we are happy to assist you on regular basis with one of our higher tiered plans.

The platform integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and to manage payments. Courses are rendered as products, which you can then sell on the platform with any of those 3 integrations.


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